Rent a car izmir

Rent a car izmir is an internationally renowned company , being well known by the locals in Izmir as well for it’s luxurious and exclusivists vintage cars .Rent a car izmir owns more vintage cars , designed and manufactured by names like Bugatti , Rolls Royce , Porsche and probably even more because our manager loves buying new vintage cars for our auto park and for his personal collection as well . 

Rent a car izmir’s international renown brings tourists that just want to visit the car rental’s office and another historical monuments , but they really insist on going to our rent a car head quarters . 

Rent a car izmir is offering you the possibility to go for a ride with the car you want to rent before signing the papers , this way making sure that this is the car you want to drive for the time you’ll spend in Izmir . The paper signing isn’t complicated at all because everything is happening legal , accurate and simple for both signers . Rent a car izmir ’s employees are at least bilingual because English is more than a must when you’re living and working in a touristic attraction city and dock . 

Rent a car izmir fleet

Rent a car izmir ’s fleet is well serviced and always ready to go , because quality and safety are the keywords of the car rental business in here . Because the people from rent a car izmir care about your satisfaction and feedback , they will hand you an annex if the rental contract – this way you will be able to leave them a written review , including observations , impressions and future recommendation to improve their service . 

Rent a car izmir future growing and expansion plan includes buying luxury yachts , sky jets and ATV’s for extra fun , as well as a few 4x4 and SUV’s for their more demanding well paying customers ; another direction for the imminent expansion is building a secondary rent a car izmir head quarters near the airport and running a budget oriented policy for the tourists that just arrived in Izmir by plane . This type of tourists are fine with compact , economical and premium cars because they usually come visiting with their loved ones or their families ( most of them under 4 members ) so this offer will suit just fine .